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Udupi masala dosai is very popular; udupi is famous for vegetarian food and is popular all over the world. These vegetarian foods are specialy cooked by Shivalli Madhwa brahmins and offerd to Lord Krishna temple and Krishna mutt in Udupi. In course of time Udupi people started serving Udupi food in Udupi hotel and restaurants in other parts of india and the food is very well accepted by the public and more restaurants opend by Udupi people at other cities and all over. But there are only few restaurants which serve original Udupi food and serves authentic Udupi cuisine. Udupi Brindavan is one of them and managed by Udupi resident who is having decade expertise in the south Indian Vegetarian cuisine.

It is as much renowned for its chefs, cuisine and restaurant as it is for its Lords Krishna temple and Astha Mutts. The main attraction of this Temple is the “Kanakanakindi”- a small window through which Lord Krishna Believed to have given darshan to his ordent devotee Kanakadasa a saint-Minstrel. The colour full Parayaya Festival, when officiating priests (Swamiji) Handover pontiff bacon thousands of devotees from all over the country Every alternate year, by swamiji’s of Asthma mutt by rotation.


Udupi: The ubiquitous Masala Dosai has its origins in Udupi, and the whole school of south Indian vegetarian cuisine takes its name from this town .this is pure Vegetarian food while Sambhar is prepared with fresh coconut and coconut Oil. As its base rasam spicy pepper water is an essential part of a menu. Udupi masala Dosai is very popular, Udupi is famous for vegetarian food and is popular all over the world.


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